Over 4 weeks, medical professionals drove on a Mobile Ultrasound Patrol caravan to three small villages in rural Morocco. Local midwives, nurses and doctors performed 575 ultrasounds on expecting mothers and sent the results to be interpreted and diagnosed by physicians in 3 larger cities.

DR. CHRIT - Delegate of health, province de Khemisset

“With the local team in Oulmes, doctors from Tiflet and Khemisset and the help of Dr. Bidat, two hundred and forty women were seen within three days in three different exam rooms. There were even two babies safely delivered to mothers we were able to scan in advance, to see if they would need special care. We detected twenty-five risk pregnancies and two mothers were transferred to local clinics for urgent surgery.”

DR. MOHCINE WAHBI - Obstetrician, CHU Fès

“On the first day of our mission in Ribat el Kheir a pregnant woman arrived ready to deliver. Normally, the patient would have been prepared to deliver by cesarean but it was too late because the delivery was already in progress. In my opinion that kind of a surprise could have been easily avoided with a simple ultrasound. The team and the mother would have been prepared and there would have been time to transfer her to an adequate location. Unfortunately, this patient never had an ultrasound during her pregnancy.”

With this new technology, time and space will not limit the possibilities for medical treatment.
Through an online image collaboration platform, we have been able to receive a diagnostic review via the web within a very short timeframe – without needing to transfer the patient at all. The transportation of a patient's data has reduced from 2weeks-2days to 1minute and the time for a diagnostic response has reduced from 2weeks-2days to 24hours.
With a faster transfer of ultrasound exam results, we have helped rural health houses in Morocco to detect at-risk pregnancies more quickly.

Using a medical image-routing platform made by Trice Imaging, we have been able to minimize the cost of transporting data and the cost of getting a diagnostic review, allowing for a better diagnosis for women in rural Morocco, and aiding the health houses. Transferring the images digitally has not compromised the image quality, in fact 92% could be used for professional diagnosis.

Together this team of people were driven by the opportunity to provide medical care to people who have limited access to medical support and new technologies.

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Partner with us, and our joint efforts could save women and babies who are dying from preventative conditions that could potentially be detected by an ultrasound.

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Project Morocco was initiated by Trice Imaging whose mission is to create the shortest distance between medical inquiry and medical expertise for any clinician and any patient in the world. None of this would have been possible without our committed and passionate sponsors.

We wish to thank Sonosite for lending us M-turbos and for all the expertise you so generously invested in the project. We wish to thank Sony for donating the Xperia phones for the encryption and the Xperia tablets that made the reviewing experience so great. And we also wish to thank Qulacomm not only for the funds and advice you gave us but for taking such a clear stand for how wireless technology can improve our lives on this planet.